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    Posted by Krowdspeaker Jan 11

    Krowdspeak is currently still in Beta so expect some issues at times.

  • #Censoring at it's finest, led by the big dogs in tech.
    Posted by Krowdspeaker Jan 11

    Parler — the conservative social media platform that brands itself as a “free speech” alternative to sites like Twitter — was kicked off of its Amazon web-hosting service after midnight Sunday, ending for now a site that has become a nexus of extremism.

    Amazon’s decision, which was first reported by BuzzFeed News on Saturday, comes after the Apple App Store and Google Play Store decided to remove Parler from their respective app stores this week, limiting its potential reach.

    The push to take action against Parler follows decisions this week by Twitter and Facebook to ban President Donald Trump from their platforms for inciting violence — and thus deprives the president of what could have been an alternative to those services. Many conservatives aggrieved with those platforms have fled to Parler in recent months

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